Duyurular 11 July 2016
Cerificates of Honor
Students may receive their cerificates of honor and high honor from the department clerk. View →

Haberler 30 June 2016
Students ranking the highest
Our students, Mustafa ÖZKAN, Zarina HAMRAYEVA and, Gökçe ECE ranked the highest were awarded by H. Nejdet ERTUĞ, the department head. View →

Haberler 17 June 2016
Applications to MA and PhD
Applications for 2016-2017 semestr to MA and PhD programs have begun. For more information about terms and condition please visit http://felsefe.sakarya.edu.tr/tr/duyuru/goster/44863/2016-2017-guz-don… View →

Duyurular 17 June 2016
Summer School Syllabus
Summer school syllabus is released. View →

Haberler 7 June 2016
Graduation Ceremony
Please click for the location and date of Graduate Ceremony  http://haber.sakarya.edu.tr/tr/haberler/goster/44043/mezuniyet-toreni-tarihleri-aciklandi       View →

Duyurular 12 February 2015
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