Haberler 30 June 2016
Students ranking the highest
Our students, Mustafa ÖZKAN, Zarina HAMRAYEVA and, Gökçe ECE ranked the highest were awarded by H. Nejdet ERTUĞ, the department head.
Haberler 17 June 2016
Applications to MA and PhD
Applications for 2016-2017 semestr to MA and PhD programs have begun. For more information about terms and condition please visit http://felsefe.sakarya.edu.tr/tr/duyuru/goster/44863/2016-2017-guz-don…
Haberler 7 June 2016
Graduation Ceremony
Please click for the location and date of Graduate Ceremony  http://haber.sakarya.edu.tr/tr/haberler/goster/44043/mezuniyet-toreni-tarihleri-aciklandi